Bodyweight Exercise Face Off!! (THE DORM ROOM CHALLENGE)

Relying on cardio bodyweight exercises to help you build muscle? You don’t anymore.

No doubt bodyweight exercises can be incredibly hard and challenging. The problem is, most workout programs use the same old bodyweight exercises, most of which do nothing to help you build muscle. In fact, with some popular bodyweight workout programs that come on DVD, you actually find yourself losing muscle doing them! It’s time to stop the insanity!

The definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and thinking that you’re going to suddenly start getting much different results. The same can be said about bodyweight workout programs and bodyweight exercises. If you do the same ones over and over your body just won’t respond to them anymore. Worse, if you do the same bodyweight exercises that are mostly meant for conditioning, then the situation gets even worse.

For that reason, I put together this Dorm Room Challenge!

Not only does this workout video show you a killer bodyweight exercise combo that actually builds muscle but it gives you a simple challenge that you can start passing around the dorm to see who the B.M.O.C is (that’s Beast Mode on Campus!)

How many of these bodyweight exercise combos can you do without resting?

If you think you’re the baddest man on your campus (or just want to show off, and that’s ok!) then post your video response showing you doing this body weight exercise below.

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