Bodyweight Shoulder Workout (NO GYM…NO PROBLEM!!)

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A good bodyweight shoulder workout better be able to hit all three heads of your delts. If you can’t effectively target your front, medial and rear deltoids then you aren’t going to develop complete shoulders (especially if you don’t have access to weights or equipment).

In this video, I show you side by side shoulder workouts that you can do with equipment or with no equipment. We take the traditional shoulder exercise and put it up against a bodyweight equivalent to show you just how easy it is to do your shoulder workouts even with no weights.

For instance, if you want to do dumbbell or barbell shoulder presses but don’t have the db’s or bar…you can do handstand pushups (or the even harder variation – the handstand walkout pushup). If you want to do dumbbell side lateral raises for the medial head of the deltoid but don’t have the db, you can do the bodyweight side lateral exercise shown in the video.

If you want to work the rear delts but think that your only option is to use dumbbells and perform rear delt flys, think again. You can do the Iron Cross Reverse Pushups shown here and build your posterior delts at home. If you want to get more functional with your shoulder workout you will want to incorporate something that allows you to overload your delt muscle strength in 3 planes. The exercise shown here, circle pike pushups, are a great alternative.

Finally, when you want to put explosive shoulder exercises into your home workouts you can try the handstand kick outs shown as the last in this workout. By loading the shoulder muscles up eccentrically on every rep, you’re able to more easily overload them to produce an increase in muscle size and strength.

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