Bodyweight Workout for Tight Spaces (UPPER & LOWER BODY!)

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There’s nothing more challenging than trying to workout in tight spaces. You instantly become limited in the exercises that you can do. Bodyweight workouts in small spaces can be even more challenging. In this video, I show you a bodyweight exercise routine that you can do at home with limited space to hit your back, shoulders, chest and legs.

The key to making bodyweight workouts effective for building muscle is to ensure that you are choosing exercises that demand you train hard. Too often, people pick exercises that are simply too easy to cause enough overload to cause new muscle growth. With that said, it’s important to attempt to do as many reps as you are able of a more challenging bodyweight exercise than you are accustomed to and then immediately follow that up with an exercise that you can do more reps for until reaching failure again.

This is a concept known as training through failure. You take the first explosive or challenging bodyweight movement to failure and then in drop set fashion, move onto the next exercise and go to failure once again. You are taking advantage of the fact that the second exercise by nature is easier to perform than the first one. Because it follows the failure on the first however, it instantly becomes more difficult to perform than had you tried it while you were fresh.

So in this bodyweight workout, I give you four combinations of exercises to hit your back, chest, shoulders and legs. Complete this whole circuit 4-5 times through and remember only to do what you are capable of in good form. If you cannot perform the first exercise in a combo right now, don’t worry. Simply move onto the second exercise in the combo and perform as many reps as you can until failure. As your strength improves, you should be able to start doing both exercises as prescribed.

The combinations of bodyweight exercises used in this workout are generally an explosive move into a more traditional tempo rep. This can be seen in the spiderman plyo for chest that is followed by the rotating pushup. This second exercise is one of the best bodyweight exercises for chest since it can incorporate the adduction component that you wouldn’t get from a normal pushup.

Programming bodyweight training in a way that ensures muscle overload is one of the hallmark benefits of the ATHLEAN XERO program. You can get the complete program at and start training (and gaining) without any equipment at all. Work out from home in very limited space without having to compromise your gains.

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