Bodyweight Kitchen Exercises –

You guys ask for more bodyweight movements. Some of you say ” I can’t do some of the workouts that Jeff has posted on his channel because I don’t have the equipment he does.” Ok….I hear you. So, not only can you do this BODYWEIGHT WORKOUT anywhere, I happen to do it in my kitchen to prove that to you.

One of the greatest aspects of the AthLEAN-X Training System is the fact that it comes with two complete 90 day versions of the program. One can be done in the gym if you have a gym membership…while the other can be done at home. The perfect home gym workout that requires no
equipment and can literally be done anywhere in the house.

Let me show you 7 cool bodyweight only exercises that you can do (as I show, in your kitchen) to start getting your AthLEAN body just in time for the Summer. Eliminate the excuses. Get ripped, build new muscle, and get started today with celebrity fitness trainer Jeff Cavaliere’s AthLEAN-X Training System.

Get your body reconstruXion started today and be ripped in 90 days from now!

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