Bodyweight Workout Routine - NEVER THE SAME WORKOUT TWICE!

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This bodyweight workout routine is not only challenging, but effective because it utilizes the principal of infinite variety. By using playing cards, this body weight workout literally changes every single time you do it. The order of the exercises, the number of reps that you do, and the overall effect of the workout on your muscles will be different every time you do it.

The other important factor about this killer bodyweight workout is that it provides a heart pounding cardio / conditioning effect while being careful not to tip the scales into muscle catabolism (as many cardio workout options do). The inclusion of bodyweight exercises that actually stimulate muscle at the same time, allows you to shift the traditional cardio workout into one that is capable of producing muscle growth at the same time as fat loss.

This simultaneous muscle building and fat burning effect is what makes ATHLEAN Burst Training (our answer to traditional cardiovascular workouts) so popular and effective. The system relies on the selection of the right bodyweight exercises and the right sequencing of those exercises into viable bodyweight workouts.

If you haven’t already tried to burn fat using these kind of workouts, then I recommend you head to and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System. In 90 days you get over 60 unique workouts (many of them using just bodyweight, while even those that do use equipment use just the basics). It’s time to trade in slow boring cardio for the excitement of athlean-x bodyweight conditioning and start seeing how much faster you can burn fat without losing muscle.

For more muscle building bodyweight workouts and bodyweight workouts to burn fat, be sure to check out our youtube channel at

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