Bodyweight Workout (That WON'T Leave You SKINNY!!)

Want a bodyweight workout program that won’t cause you to lose muscle?

Most bodyweight workout routines result in a loss of muscle mass based mainly on the fact that they are made up of predominantly conditioning exercises. If you have found that this has happened to you when doing your bodyweight workout, then it’s time to stop the insanity and start training with exercises that will help you to build muscle.

In this video, I show you a workout with bodyweight exercises that will help you to add muscle. The exercises are done in such a way that you get a duel benefit from them. Here, you will alternate muscle building bodyweight exercises with conditioning to improve both your anaerobic strength and cardiac capacity.

This type of double threat training is known as ATHLEAN Burst training.

To perform this “Raising Cane” bodyweight only workout you don’t need any equipment at all. All you need is your own body and a little space to move it around!

Your task is to perform the following 4 exercises to their stated rep or time goal without having to rest or take a break on the way. If you do, then you must face the “grinch”, 5 reps of something we call the Triple Skyfall!

Here’s what your bodyweight work out looks like:

50 Reps Prowler Pushups
2 Minutes of Alternating Side Kickthroughs
50 Reps of Reverse Pushups (sliding to make it more difficult)
2 Minutes of Alpine Climbers

Punishment for failing on your way to any of these rep or time goals consists of a split squat jump into a tuck jump into a burpee! Perform 5 of these and get right back on track to your rep goal.

It’s bodyweight workouts like this that help you to add muscle size and mass. Relying only on conditioning type exercises is pure insanity, especially if you think you are going to build muscle that way!

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