Boulder Shoulders | Chest Chiseled (50 REPS!)

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If you want to build impressive boulder shoulders and a chiseled muscular chest then you better make sure you’re allowing these muscles to work together at some point in your training. Too many people spend the majority of their workouts trying to isolate the chest from the shoulders instead of allowing them to be trained together as they prefer to be trained. In this video, I show you a quick 50 rep circuit that will do just that, and it won’t be easy.

All you will need for this chest and shoulders workout is a single 45 pound plate. If this weight is too heavy you can easily start with either a thirty-five pounder or even a twenty five pound plate instead. The key is that you want to try and complete 10 reps of each of the 5 exercises in this giant set. Beyond that, in order for this to be maximally effective you have to be sure you are squeezing the sides of the plate as hard as you possibly can to isometrically contract your chest.

With that said and your pecs engaged you want to start with a plate front raise. Here you are going to target the front deltoids while simultaneously evoking the strength of the chest by squeezing the plate. Lift the plate out in front of you to about shoulder height and aim to complete ten straight reps without resting. With as little rest as possible between exercise, move right into the next component of this circuit which is the press-out.

For the press-out exercise you are going to push the plate away from your body straightening your arms out in front of you as you do. This will work the tie-in between the front delts and chest since once again, they will be working together. By now, your chest and delts should be on fire, but you are only getting started.

Next you need to try and complete ten reps each of a clockwise circle with the plate. You want to keep the tension on the delts and chest at all times during each of these reps. Don’t give into the burn, as this would be the worst point to give in. Keep pushing as you complete ten reps clockwise and then immediately perform another 10 reps counter clockwise.

Finally, the best of the bunch is waiting for you at the end of this 50 rep chest and shoulder circuit. The swiper is going to crush your chest as you swipe the plate across your body and get the benefits of the additional horizontal adduction of the shoulder. This will act like a cable crossover and will light up your chest like a christmas tree. The fact that you still have the plate elevated will demand that your shoulders do the work as well to simply support the plate at that height.

Try this 50 rep scorcher out for yourself and feel the benefits of what happens when you train muscles together that prefer to be trained together. For a complete workout program that trains your body this way (like an athlete) be sure to head to and get the complete ATHLEAN-X Training System.

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