Breaking Through Mental Barriers! Acknowledge & Overcome Them!


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The term, you are your own worst enemy is something we can all relate to.

When it comes to the gym and your results, bad habits can develop very quickly. Especially if you are following a program that has very specific guidelines for sets and reps.

Obviously there is nothing wrong with programs when trying to achieve results, but you have to understand that they are simply a guide to help you on your journey. If you mentally hold yourself accountable to a specific amount of reps and sets, then you will always stop when those parameters are met.

At some point we all need to hit the “reset button” on how to get the most out of our training. In this video I talk about how I push myself through various mental barriers and how you can apply the same techniques to your training as well. #HTH #SHFAthlete

(1:52)- Prospect Hill- Reflections

(2:30)- Epic COLLABORATIONS coming soon!
(3:30)- GO DEEP!

(4:30)- The MAIN mental barrier most of us have- “routine parameters”
(6:47)- Reps- the difference between a goal and a stopping point.
(8:30)- How most people justify resting longer and how to avoid it.
(11:37)- Link to Procrastination Video
(12:00)- BSN Photo shoot!
(13:00)- Mario Kart 8 videos on “OhTheHermanity” – Siliconcrypt07
Link: https://www.YouTube®.com/OhTheHermanity

(14:24)- Super Smash Bros- WiiU

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