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Perhaps nobody symbolizes the word athlete more than Bruce Lee. With his legendary workout routines and feats of strength, Bruce Lee has become an inspirational workout icon and someone we all can learn how to workout from. In this video, I’m going to cover the 5 main principles of Bruce Lee’s workout and diet routine as well as show you some of his favorite exercises.

The first principle of Bruce Lee workouts was using muscle tension to your advantage. With total body tension, Lee was able to create more core and abs stability which allowed him to be more powerful from head to toe. Perhaps his most amazing display of this was his fingertip pushups (shown in this video).

Next, the iso tension principle was one he incorporated after completing a set of an exercise. For example, following his finger tip pushups, Bruce Lee would attempt to contract all of the muscles involved in that exercise in order to extend the time under tension and develop mind muscle control. The ideal time to use this is for 10 seconds after completing a set, and it’s exactly where he included this in his weightlifting routine.

Third, Lee believed that you should never attempt to lift a weight that you couldn’t actually lift with your own muscles. Momentum is not the fastest way to building more ripped muscle. He proved this with his barbell curl and launch exercise where he was able to show off his strength and control in his workout routine.

Next, we can’t talk about a Bruce Lee workout without mentioning his ab workout. Known for his dragon flag exercise, Bruce Lee used this demanding core exercise to carve out ripped six pack abs. If you want your own set of Bruce Lee six pack abs though, you’re going to have to start training your core more often…daily. I’ll show you how to build up to the dragon flag even if you aren’t able to hold one right now.

Finally, no Bruce Lee workout video is complete without addressing what he felt was one of the most important workout principles…recovery. He believed that you grew away from the gym and not in it. With attention to a good diet, proper sleep, protein supplementation and rest days…Bruce Lee was able to accelerate his muscle growth and stay ripped year round.

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