Buchika's Ski & Bike- Thank you Cannondale, this Bike is AMAZING!

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(0:17)- Welcome to Buchika’s Ski & Bike
(0:32)- My Cannondale Carbon Synapse
(0:51)- John shows us what makes Cannondale the best of the best
(3:10)- The Synapse is GREAT, but what if I want to compete with Lance Armstrong? Upgrade?
(4:25)- Safety & Precautions for the long ride ahead!
(4:36)- Tire Safety- Prevent Blow-Outs!
(5:08)- Why a seat-pouch for a spare tube is a good idea!
(5:54)- Goodbye John, time for me to get back to training in: France- Hell of the North!

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