Build a Bigger Chest with the "BENCHLESS" Bench Press!

Build more than just a bigger chest –

Want to build a bigger chest and you know you should be doing lots of bench presses to get it? The only problem is that you don’t have a bench. That could be a problem. Not necessarily. In this video, I’ll show you how to build a bigger chest without needing a space eating bench press.

Lots of guys, despite not having a lot of weights or equipment, will have an old set of olympic weights and a bar that they may have picked up at a tag sale, online or that a friend or father gave them or handed down to them. If you’re one of those guys, then all you’ll need is this video and a little practice to nail this technique for doing the bench press in your home workout (all without a spotter!)

To perform this benchless bench press variation, just position yourself on the floor underneath the bar (it helps to put at least 45 pounds on the bar to give you enough room to get under). Put the bar just in the crease of your hips and grip the barbell so that your elbows are positioned in 90 degree angles. Thrust up with the hips into a bridge to put the bar in position to do the bench press.

Again, the best part about this bench press exercise is that it can protect your shoulders by not putting your AC joint under too much stress and still allow you to build a big chest! Who doesn’t want a bigger chest after all? And now you can do it from anywhere with limited equipment.

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