Build UPPER BODY Muscle With Your TREADMILL - Treadmill Bodyweight Workout!

Build Upper Body Muscle:

Who knew you could build upper body muscle with…of all things…a treadmill! That’s right. With the Broken Treadmill Workout from ATHLEAN-X you’ll be able to find a new use for the expensive machine that you’re currently hanging your clothes on. Instead, start building up your chest and triceps muscles, lats and lower back muscles, abs and core muscles, all with 6 new unique exercises that you can do without the thing even plugged in!

The Broken Treadmill workout will help you to build upper body muscle fast without needing dumbbells or a bench to do it. You can do upper body crawls, upper body pulls, core crushing pushes and hops, and finally leg pulls and pushes, all without stepping foot on the treadmill.

Say goodbye to the treadmill as solely a piece of cardio equipment and say hello to it’s new use as an upper body bodyweight only exercise piece.

When you’re done watching this unique workout, head over to and get your complete ATHLEAN-X Training System. This 90 day step by step workout program created by celebrity trainer Jeff Cavaliere now includes a special x-clusive called the Replacements, which shows you how to never let the excuse of “not having the right equipment” hold you back from getting a better body again. Head there now and get it with your upper body and lower body complete workout program!

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