Building Erica's Custom Closet! DIY HERMAN STYLE!


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(0:02)- What am I getting myself into?
(0:23)- Prepping the wall for paint
(2:10)- Erica taking her babies out of her room.
(2:35)- Tips for not destroying your ceiling when tearing old paint off the wall
(4:02)- How to fix dents in your wall before painting
(4:21)- Picking out melamine boards and how to properly cut them (no chipping, 60 tooth blade)
(5:30)- Let the cutting begin!
(7:21)- Time to sand the wall! (180 grit drywall sandpaper)
(9:21)- Time to PRIME & Caulk!
(9:38)- The pink wall begins!
(10:40)- Erica’s stencil work to make the wall look much nicer! (Pearl Paint)
(10:57)- Creating a stencil to start fabricating the wall unit
(12:16)- Inserting the shelf pins
(12:25)- Creating a frame to help stabilize the vertical walls of the unit
(13:17)- Erica finishes up her pearl stencil design on the outer wall
(13:56)- Had to buy a new OSCILATOR tool to cut the base board better
(14:18)- LET THE FABRICATION BEGIN!- Pre drilling / screwing tips!
(15:16)- Standing up unit 1
(15:46)- Securing bottom of unit and making sure everything is level vertically
(16:50)- Unit 2 Drawers- Planning the building process
(17:56)- Erica stopped by to bring me and my Dad some good food!
(18:16)- Fabricating unit 2
(22:36)- Securing unit 2 to the wall
(23:34)- Building the drawers for unit 2- The BANE of my existence…
(27:31)- All units are built, time to get on that TRIM WORK!
(32:03)- The frame for the trim work is complete, time to install the new baseboard!
(35:06)- CROWN MOLDING- The SECOND BANE of my existence! Haha
(35:37)- How to set up your miter saw for the right angles
(37:29)- Installing the vertical trim decoration
(38:33)- Installing unit 2 desk trim
(38:59)- Installing trim on the outer wall of unit 3 (Hiding the wall gap)
(40:10)- Erica starts to sand the trim to get ready for paint
(40:41)- FINALLY! The unit is being taped and painted!
(42:17)- It’s DONE!!!!! Come check it out!
(44:58)- Close-ups of the entire unit
(45:28)- Erica gives a tour of her fully organized custom closet!

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