Bulletproof Biceps! Build Bigger Biceps with the "No Money" Curl Exercise!

Build Bigger Biceps with AthLEAN-X: http://athleanx.com/x/bulletproofbiceps

Not all “Biceps” Exercises are created equal. There are those who try to “build bigger biceps” by doing nothing but straight bar curls (and wind up hurting themselves in the process) and then there are those who use new curl variations to not only build bigger arms but keep them healthy at the same time.

At AthLEAN-X the goal is not only to build biceps but to make sure that they can function for you when you actually go to use them. Developed for some of the most elite athletes competing today, AthLEAN-X is the only workout system that bulletproofs your body against injury while at the same time helps you to build 100% pure lean muscle and bigger biceps.

Biceps workouts and biceps training in general will not product new results if you keep doing the same old exercises. See what the “No Money” curl can do for you and watch as your biceps grow bigger and your strength improves.

Head to http://athleanx.com to get the entire AthLEAN-X training system. You’ll see how to get your arm size up and your waist line down at the same time as you build muscle and burn fat simultaneously. If you want to look like an athlete…you have to train like one.

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