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Cables are a crucial tool for chest development, in my opinion, and are definitely my favorite apparatus for doing flies. I prefer them over dumbbell flies because, even when performing dumbbell flies correctly, there is still a portion of the exercise where tension begins shifting from your chest to your shoulder joints and triceps. This portion is the top of the rep, whenever the weights are over the center mass of your body.

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Also, because of gravity, you are much more likely to have some degree of a pressing motion involved with doing flies with dumbbells, since the resistance is pushing down, and not pulling out like a cable fly does. I also prefer cables over a pec deck or machine fly because most of these machines offer no adjustability when it comes to the angle in which you place the tension on the chest. Especially with a fly, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all machine.

With cables, you have the ability to keep constant tension on the chest. In fact, the top portion of the rep is actually the hardest with cables, because you have to force a full contraction with the muscle fully loaded, instead of only a fraction of the weight, as you do with dumbbells. Also, cables pull out instead of down, making it much easier for you to lock a slight angle in your elbow and use a true flying motion void of any pressing component. Finally, since cables allow you to do the move standing or using a bench, you can really dial in the angle to place the maximum amount of tension where you want it.

My personal favorite variation is to set the cables pulleys 4-6 inches below your shoulder joint. While keeping a big chest, bring them from the resting position—which should be slightly below your shoulder joint—to the front of your chin, making for a slightly upward motion track. Also, have your hands cupped slightly in once you begin the rep—you should feel the pressure from the handles mainly on the part of your palm closest to your pinky finger. Doing so will take away the ability to use your front delts, place even more of the load on your chest, and allow for maximal contraction.

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