Get MORE than just the calf workout:

Guys will follow calf workout after calf workout trying to get this notoriously “stubborn” muscle group to grow. The problem is that most calf workouts don’t challenge the calves in a way that is necessary to cause a change.

The calves are postural muscles that are relied upon each day to support your own bodyweight and propel your body during walking. There are even times (many times for that matter) when you’re entire bodyweight is being supported by just one calf muscle as you move through the swing phase of gait / walking.

In order to overload the calves you have to build a calf workout around heavier weights and explosive movements. In this calf workout video you will see just how to do that and to train like an athlete. It’s this type of explosive training that causes the greatest results and muscle growth in the shortest amount of time.

After you’re done with this workout, head over to to get the entire ATHLEAN-X Training System developed by celebrity pro athlete trainer Jeff Cavaliere, and start seeing what the right type of training can do for you and your body. Join TEAM ATHLEAN today and 90 days from now…a new ripped, more muscular you will be staring back at you in the mirror. Are you next?

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