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When a teen lifter was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, he had the opportunity to make a wish come true. He used it to give back to his school and community and build his own legacy of iron!
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There’s a fine line between “charmingly hardcore” and “dilapidated and possibly dangerous” when it comes to weight rooms. That line is in the eye of the lifter, but there’s little doubt that the weight room in the rural Idaho community of Firth had slipped into the latter category a long time ago.

It’s nobody’s fault. Like countless similar facilities nationwide, the weight room in this 230-student small-town school was created with what was available, not what was ideal. The space was a former typing lab from the days of electric typewriters. The squat rack and dip station were fabricated in shop class. The weights themselves had been covered in rust since before the current crop of students were born. And the less said about the condition of the walls, ceiling, and floor, the better.

Ask student Jared Anderson about the room, though, and he’ll say, “It was everything to me.” He first set foot there when his brother introduced him to lifting during seventh grade. Then, he began lifting for football and baseball. He even kept lifting when, against the odds, he developed stage-three cancer as a teenager.


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