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Chassidy Smothers grew up on the hard courts of Sacramento, did a tour in Korea, and is now graduating college. Along the way, she became a fitness champion. Find out how she did it right here!

Although she’s only been in the competition circuit for about a year, Chassidy Smothers has been hugely successful. She maintains, however, that her accomplishments could be achieved by anyone.

She believes that everybody has the potential for greatness. It’s this inspiring personality—along with an incredible physique—that helped her win the 2014 BodySpace Spokesmodel contest.

She might be soft-spoken, but her tenacity and drive to win make her a fierce competitor. Chassidy trains hard, eats clean, and keeps her goals at the forefront of her mind.

Her two-year tour in South Korea with the U.S. Army taught her that discipline and effort are necessary components to success in life and fitness. She’s one badass lady.

To learn more about Chassidy, check out the video below. Follow her effective training, nutrition, and supplement programs to build a stronger body and mind!

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