If we’ve gotten the request once I’ve gotten it a thousand times…can I get a chest workout that targets those lower pecs!?! For some reason this area tends to be one of those stubborn spots for guys. Unable to build muscle here and nothing seems to add the definition that would make what you do have stand out.

That’s where AthLEAN-X comes in. Recently, celebrity fitness trainer Jeff Cavaliere (the creator of the AthLEAN-X Training System) had a very special guest come by the famous “XBOX” where he was able to customize a lower chest workout that would finally help add BOTH some size and shreds to their pecs.

Watch this Chest Chiseler Workout and see why doing the same old exercises is NOT getting you the results that you’re after. Start following this workout and you’ll be noticing the new definition just in time for the beach weather that’s right around the corner.

Want to be the next to star in your own video and appear in the XBOX? Then get in shape using the 90 day AthLEAN-X Training System first and then fill out your application to train live with Jeff. Head to right now and get started on your 90 day body reconstruXion today!

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