Chris Dropped 12 Sizes & Got His Old Energy Back | The Spark Transformation Story

It took Chris Childers a while to notice the impact his sedate lifestyle and junk-food diet were having on the way he looked and felt. Now he’s back in shape and hiking again with his son.
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Chris Childers was an active kid; he played football and basketball, and he was able to eat whatever he wanted. As he got older, however, his metabolism slowed, the sports stopped, and the barbecue potato chips caught up with him. His energy waned and he was out of breath more often. Chris was happy, though; he hadn’t noticed.

His wake-up call came the day he realized he’d gone up 12 pant sizes—and they were tight. It dawned on him that the way he felt wasn’t OK, considering he was only 25 years old. Letting himself go hadn’t made him happy—it had just passed the time.

Disappointed in himself, Chris channeled that disappointment into the energy needed to make a positive change. He lost weight, then read everything he could get his hands on to learn how to add muscle. Inspired by some of bodybuilding’s biggest names, he got in shape, found his old energy, and transformed his physique.

This is Chris’ story.

Why Did You Decide To Transform?

My “why” was based on how I was starting to feel at the age of 25. I was slow, sluggish, out of breath, and always tired. As a former athlete, I knew I wasn’t supposed to feel that way.

I had a wake-up call while getting ready for work one day. I’d worn size 30 jeans throughout high school, but now my size 42s felt tight! You don’t think much about small amounts of weight gain at the time. It wasn’t until I realized I’d crept up from a 30 to a 42 that I decided I had to do something. I was depressed and unhappy with myself and who I had let myself become.

Nowadays, I look back at old photos of myself, and I ask my friends and family, “Man, why didn’t you guys tell me?”

How Did You Begin To Get Back In Shape?

I knew enough from my football days to get started in the gym, but I did online research to learn more about weightlifting and training for weight loss. I found Kris Gethin’s 12-Week Hardcore Daily Trainer on and basically just started following it. His video trainer was powerful, and it motivated me, but I wanted to know why he was making me do everything, so I looked up more information about each workout. I also read articles about supplements; I wanted to know what they were doing—or should be doing—to my body.

Around that time, was hosting the 100K transformation challenge, so I signed up for that as well. That first time around, I went all the way down to about 187 pounds, so that was a big accomplishment.

What Obstacles Did You Encounter Along The Way?

Every day is a challenge; work, kids, relationships, and life in general can throw almost anything at you at any time. But after about a year of telling myself I wanted change, it became a lifestyle. I finally understood that investing an hour a day in myself hurts no one. And not using that hour hurts no one but myself.


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