Complete NO EQUIPMENT Workout (Every Muscle Group!)

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Are you the type that thinks, no equipment no workout? If so, bad move. Here is a complete no equipment workout that can literally be done anywhere using just your own surroundings. You’ll see that you don’t need any formal weights, dumbbells or workout equipment to get in a killer total bodyweight workout program.

Workouts without equipment can be just as challenging, if not more so, than workouts with weights since they are likely to challenge your body in ways your muscles are not used to. This change of pace is often just what your body needs to help stimulate all new muscle growth. This particular no weight workout uses just bodyweight and a few rocks. Don’t have rocks near you? Look harder! You most certainly can find something heavy enough to lift that will challenge you.

Just like regular workouts, bodyweight workouts can challenge both your strength (to help you build muscle) as well as your conditioning (to help you burn fat and get ripped). Remember, bodyweight exercises are those that simply use your own body weight as the resistance. Just because they aren’t traditional weights doesn’t mean that this doesn’t provide just as much, if not more, resistance.

You can do exercises like pullups, rows, overhead presses, woodchopper split squats, bulgarian split squats, and heavy doses of ab work with plank variations and hanging knee raises.

Prefer to not have to use anything at all, just your own bodyweight and nothing else? I can still help you with that too. In fact, the ATHLEAN XERO program is a complete bodyweight workout program that requires nothing but you. No bands, no bars, no bench, no bull. You can get more information on this no equipment workout that features over 120 exercises without weights at in the workout program menu.

For more bodyweight workouts that require no equipment as well as killer bodyweight exercises you can do for your biceps, back, core, legs, chest and shoulders be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel here at

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