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If you want the coolest bodyweight workout yet, then you’ve come to the right channel. Sure, you’ve seen 44 bodyweight exercises (all of us have) but what this workout shows you is how to take the creativity up another level and get this thing done in a whole new way!

I call this bodyweight workout the Stairway to Hell because it’s done on the stairs. In fact, I did this workout when on vacation, proving that you can do bodyweight workouts and exercises anywhere!

With a combination of muscle building body weight exercises and fat burning bodyweight exercises, this workout gives you a great option you can do in under 10 minutes. When performing this workout you want to be sure to sprint up the stairs as fast as you can and walk down them as carefully as you can! At the top of the stairs, after each run up them, you’ll perform a cool upper body strength exercise.

At the bottom of the stairs, after performing the jog down, you’ll need to do another upper body muscle building exercise.

Continue this for an additional round or two if you feel like you’ve got the energy to keep going. Remember, when ever someone says that you can’t build muscle with bodyweight workouts or exercises don’t believe them. It comes down to muscle overload. If you use your own body effectively, it essentially becomes the gym and allows you to not only get bigger muscles but to burn fat as well.

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