"CORE CRUSHER" Pushup Variation - Core and Upper Body Muscle Mauler!


Looking to crush your core and upper body with just one exercise? Then look no further than this abs pushup variation that utilizes the plank position and challenges virtually every muscle in your upper body at once! No more “ab training after the workout”, since you can now train your abs and core WHILE you’re working out.

One of the hallmarks of the AthLEAN-X Training System is the unique ways in which celebrity fitness trainer Jeff Cavaliere brings you to work out and produce muscle gains that have long ago stalled following the same old boring workouts. With Cavaliere’s cutting edge approach to training, your muscles have no choice but to be blasted out of dormancy and into growth via his muscle confusion tactics.

This video is no different. AthLEAN-X brings to you the dreaded Tripod Pushup! It can be done with your hands either on medicine balls or kettlebells. The kettlebells provide a little more stability and therefore are a little bit easier than the medicine balls to perform this.

What you want to do is stabilize your body in a plank position with your hands on two medicine balls of roughly the same size, and your feet on a larger medicine ball. The whole key after that is incorporating Jeff’s time under tension protocol that literally etches in muscle as you hold your way to all new growth.

Try this one pushup variation the next time you do your workout and let us know if it doesn’t shock your system into some Xtreme growth (ok…and maybe a little soreness the first time you do this!). When you’re done with this, head over to http://athleanx.com and get started using hundreds of easy to follow, muscle building techniques just like this….in the AthLEAN-X Training System. We can’t wait to get your body reconstruXion started today!

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