Core Exercise Combo (2 MOVES TO A BALANCED CORE!)

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There are lots of core exercises to choose from when it comes to building a stronger core. The mistake occurs when you limit these exercises to those that only work your abs and obliques. If you want to truly develop stronger core muscles you have to be sure you are working the muscles on both the front and back of your body.

In this video, I show you a core exercise combo that you can use to not only strengthen your core muscles but test their strength to begin with. By simply lying on your back with a pair of dumbbells in your hands, you’ll be able to see just how out of balance your front side dominant core muscles are from your often overlooked posterior chain core muscles.

Start by lying on your back with a pair of dumbbells in your hands. Lift your legs up off the ground and spread them apart to engage your lower abs and hold your dumbbells out to your sides overhead. From here, begin the motion of making an angel in the snow and time how long you can continue this or count the number of reps you complete until reaching failure. Most will be able to handle at least ten pound dumbbells if not higher and last for at least 10 or more reps.

As soon as you can’t do anymore, you will want to flip over onto your stomach and repeat the motion this time with your legs and thighs lifted off the ground. Of course, your upper body will not be touching the ground either and you’ll be holding a pair of dumbbells once again. Only thing here is, you’ll likely be forced to hold much lighter dumbbells if you want to be able to even complete a few reps of this core crushing combo exercise.

The muscles of the lower back, thoracic spine, scapula and glutes are often the most overlooked and neglected core muscles. In fact, they may be some of the most important core muscles needed to perfect your big lifts such as the deadlift, bent over row, squat and more. They act to stabilize the upper torso and hold it steady so that the force generated in your legs can travel without dissipation throughout your body and help you to efficiently complete each and every rep without wasted movement.

If you have a weak core or the muscles in your core are not strong enough to stabilize you, you won’t only suffer on your core exercises but in most of your heavier exercises as well. The exact core exercise combo I’m showing you here acts as not only a test but also the movement that you can do to strengthen your abs and core if you do have a weakness that you discover.

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