Cory Gregory's 16-Week Get Swole Muscle Building Trainer - Phase 1 -

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The first four weeks of Get Swole will clean up your nutrition, lay the foundation for serious gains, and thrash your muscles with a series of growth-inducing superset workouts.

When I put together Phase One of Get Swole, I was coming off a powerlifting phase. I was doing a lot of singles, triples and five-rep sets. My body started to lack form and conditioning. My muscle bellies weren’t feeling as round or dense. I was getting strong across the major lifts, but I wanted to get back to the bodybuilding basics. In short, I wanted to get swole.

I developed and refined a program that would add straight lean mass, without fat or filler. I built the ultimate clean, lean bulk based on quality food, hardcore training, ample rest, and smart supplementation. I wanted a foundation for future hypertrophy and long-term gains, and that’s exactly what you can expect in the Foundation Phase.

I built Get Swole to fit every experience level. If you’re a newbie coming into Phase One, expect the best shock of your life. You’ll eat meals at specific times, train four days per week in the gym, and keep a tight supplement schedule. This combination will change your body, change your life, and create some good general habits.

An advanced guy coming into Get Swole probably already has quality habits, but Phase One will tighten them. You won’t be guessing in the gym. You won’t have to fudge your food log or shake your head regarding supplements. I lay it all out for you.

The training days of Phase One will beat you up. I want you to train like a beast in the gym, but I need you to eat, sleep, take your supplements, and follow a solid recovery schedule so you can grow. You need to focus on nutrition and supplementation on your rest days. Remember, you grow outside of the gym.

uring the first four weeks of Get Swole, you train each body part once per week. Most workouts implement high-volume, five-round supersets in the 8-12 rep range. For core exercises you should complete up to 100 reps. Your rest periods should only last long enough to grab a drink of water. I don’t want you sitting around in the gym waiting for gains.

Supersets with minimal rest build lean muscle because the action tears down muscle at a high rate. Furthermore, when you lift with low rest, you put enormous amounts of blood into the muscle. This results in a powerful pump and more nutrients in your muscle cells.

You might see supersets of 8-12 reps and think you have to lift light. Who told you to lift light? I tell you to lift heavy! Grab 80-pound dumbbells if you’re capable. Train heavy the entire time. Don’t let up on the weight. Just push yourself. Don’t sit around for 3-4 minutes. Go heavy, go hard, and lift at a steady clip. That’s the way we get swole.

The Get Swole nutrition program was built with Dr. Mike Kim, MusclePharm’s Executive Director of Medicine, Research, and Education. It’s a clean bulking program designed to help you build solid lean mass. When people dirty bulk, they put on more body fat than they realize because they often excessively overeat. Get Swole focuses on quality food so you can add quality weight.

Protein is your primary macronutrient throughout Get Swole, and for good reason. Protein is responsible for tissue growth and repair, including muscle. Ample protein is absolutely critical for building mass. Your protein sources include lean meat and supplement shakes, as well as branched chain amino acids through supplementation.

People often fear fats, but you need fat to survive. Your brain, nervous system, skin, and cells are made out of fats. You need healthful fat sources that your body can utilize to its full capability. Fats support muscle growth, heart and immune health, and are critical for the absorption of vitamins D, E, A, and K.

When it comes to carbohydrates, stick to sources that provide additional health benefits. For example, blueberries provide a slew of healthful antioxidants in addition to carbohydrates, and bananas are a great source of potassium.

During the Foundation Phase, you start with a 2,500-calorie template. We established this baseline from working with multiple models, bodybuilders, and athletes who come to MusclePharm looking to gain some size.

During Phase One, you figure out where you stand and how your body reacts to certain macronutrients. Part of this phase is learning how your body reacts to the training and nutrition plan, which allows you to personalize the diet where necessary.

You want to eat your whole food breakfast within the first hour of waking, then eat in three-hour increments afterward. In total, you will eat six meals in a day—three whole, three liquid. Establish good habits during Phase One. If you leave the house in the morning and have no clue where you are going to get your meals, you’re already messing up.

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