Cory Gregory's 16-Week Get Swole Muscle Building Trainer - Phase 3 -

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Phase Three of Get Swole introduces you to trisets. You ramp up the volume and intensity to build some serious size. Never miss a meal, crush the workouts, and get swole!

The principles of Phase Two got you stronger and added density to your frame, but you still probably don’t have the finish-line definition you want. Phase Three, the Pump Phase, begins your advance toward a big and lean physique. It’s still not time to start a hardcore cut, but it’s time to refine your mass.

Phase Three offers something in between a build and a cut. The pump sets and trisets will deliver substantial blood to your muscles for supreme gains, while the high-octane workouts will bring out more definition. The Pump Phase is designed to blast and tax your muscle in a brand new way. Your body is probably getting used to the volume and intensity, but I say, “volume, volume, volume,” and now we turn it up another notch.

Instead of supsersettting like we did in Phase One, we use trisets for Phase Three. You go from exercise to exercise to exercise with no rest. You’re going to sweat more than you did when pyramiding. You’ll feel a dramatic difference in the Pump Phase from the Pyramid Phase.

The nutrition and supplementation in this phase don’t change at all. Focus on going hard in the gym and keeping the habits you established in the earlier phases. You will notice improvements in your overall physique and muscularity, but you will encounter obstacles in this triset phase. The trisets make leg day a beast, and you’ll struggle to maintain intensity through all the workouts.

You’re at the halfway point now. If you really want results, you have to push hard.

The Pump Phase simultaneously incinerates body fat while encouraging your body to build lean tissue. You should really start to see some cuts and hard lines develop during this phase. In Phase One, we used supersets almost the entire time. Now we add another exercise to it. You remember how hard supersets were? You can handle trisets too!

Just because you see high volume on paper doesn’t mean I want you to go light. Go heavy for each of the exercises. You get the best results by training with high volume and high intensity. Turn the volume up, get your intensity jacked up, and push hard.

Like in the Pyramid Phase, your Pump Phase cardio can be done on any piece of cardio equipment, or even outdoors. You will run for one minute and then jog for one minute. Repeat for 20-30 minutes.

Pump Phase Cardio ///
HIIT any machine of your choice.
1 minute high intensity
1 minute low intensity
30 minutes total
With the combination of high-intensity trisets, you’ll move so quickly through your workouts that you won’t have time to talk on your cell phone or sit on the bench. You’re moving and grooving through the workouts without rest. It only gets harder and more beneficial from here. If you want to change your body, you have to turn up your personal intensity and mental focus.

At this point, you don’t need to overcomplicate nutrition. Together with Dr. Mike Kim, we’ve built a simple meal plan similar to the diet you followed in the Pyramid Phase. You eat quality lean protein, low-glycemic carbohydrates, some fruits, and some healthy fats.

The training adds a desired amount of fat loss, because we increase the intensity, so there’s no reason to drastically change the caloric intake or quality of the food you eat. We’ll let the training tap your body fat so you can still add quality lean mass via proper nutrition.

In the Pump Phase, the diet doesn’t change much from the previous eight weeks. After eight weeks you should already know, or have an idea, how your body responds. During this time, take the diet we put together with the macronutrient amounts we suggest and adjust it only minutely, if necessary.

Maybe you react best when you take your carbohydrates in the morning, or just before you work out, or maybe you do best with carbs in your post-workout meal. Change carbohydrate timing to use those nutrients when you need them, but keep a close eye on intake.

Because you increase training intensity in the Pump Phase, make sure you never miss a meal. Get the proper food and supplements, and keep your protein and carb ratios right there where they need to be. Don’t sacrifice any mass. If you miss meals, it may sacrifice recovery and growth. I can’t stress enough: Do not miss meals in this phase.

Prepare to be successful. Have your food with you, and be extremely consistent across the board so that your body gets what it needs to perform and recover. One of my favorite meals in this plan is a sliced sweet potato fried in a skillet with olive oil or coconut oil, paired with chicken or steak. It’s like a sweet potato French fry, so I feel like I’m cheating while still keeping it clean.

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