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Courtney Prather is cut from the toughest cloth on earth. Her schedule challenges could torment her, but she is so organized she can balance a full-time job for Hilton Hotels in Long Beach and a rising fitness/modeling/speaking career. She excels at both and earns what she owns.
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In transition between athlete and bikini competitor, Courtney went from 24 percent body fat to 12 without losing a pound. She slashed what little fat she had and compounded her transformation with skeletal muscle. Once she got on stage, the accolades flowed like honey on a hot day.

“After my first show, I realized how much I loved the competition aspect of it,” Prather said. “When I heard about the Fit Model Search, that was a big deal to me; I had been on the website and had a BodySpace (that’s where I got a lot of my training routines from). So, I took the chance and sent in my photo.”


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