Craig Capurso Back Workout: Loaded To The Max -

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Big backs are wonders of the fit world, but they aren’t built in one workout. Load your latissimus for the long haul, and start building with this heavy duty workout.

My heavy-weight, high-volume back workout will test your tenacity. Tap into your resolve, because if you take this workout too lightly, you’ll be puking in a wastebasket before you finish the first exercise.

The best backs are built with intense methods. My unique approach—heavy weight for high reps—is nothing if not intense. To kick things off, we’ll bang out 100 reps on the T-bar row, as heavy as possible, in as few sets as possible. I slap six plates on the bar and crush it. I then complete a pair of back-focused supersets before finishing with a static-hold rack of pull-ups.

The first set is important because it sets the weight for the rest of the exercises. I shoot for 100 reps in a minimal number of sets, so you have to adjust the weight accordingly. Take every set to failure; aim for 6-10 sets. If you don’t land in that range, don’t give up. Add more sets and get 100 reps! This is heavy volume. Train hard, train hardcore.

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