Craig Capurso | Fitness 360 (HD)

He’s big, ripped, and he’s sharp as a tack. Not only is Craig an IFBB Physique Pro, but he’s a successful Wall Street commodities trader with a heart of gold and the work ethic of a champion.
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“I always want to better myself,” Capurso says. “I wanted to better the 2010 person I used to be. I want to better the 2011 (I just made IFBB Pro), what am I going to do in 2012?”

We aren’t fortune tellers. We can’t say Craig will win this year at the pro level. We don’t dare anoint him the next big thing. But we will stand by him, and not just because of his physique. Capurso has the ‘it’ factor. He understands that the stage is bigger than one man.

He understands the repercussions of victory, the pressure and press that come with it. We know he’ll represent with class. We trust him to speak for us.

Don’t believe us? Ask him yourself.

“I’m always about giving back,” Capurso says. “I always hit my fans back. If you message me on Twitter, Facebook or BodySpace, or any of the other social networks I have, I’m getting back to you. I don’t hide behind an alias. I’m on all those websites. It’s about giving back. It’s about inspiring everyone around you. It’s about spreading the fitness lifestyle.”


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