Crazy Arms Workout (16 TONS LIFTED!!)

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If you are trying to build monstrous biceps and triceps, you must be willing to to push yourself beyond your comfort level every time you perform your arms workout. In this video, I show you an exact bicep and tricep workout that I did, as well as a method for tracking your relative mechanical progress from one arm workout to the next.

With just 6 heavy arm exercises, you will be able to push your arm development to another level…if you are willing to match that with a better effort than last time. You see, in order for a muscle or muscles to grow larger you must be comfortable with getting uncomfortable. The concept of progressive overload revolves around the fact that you lift more weight or vary your arm workout in some way to make it harder than what you did previously.

The method shown here is a good, albeit imperfect, method for helping you to gauge a progressive effort from one bicep and tricep workout to the next. This will tell you how much mechanical stress you are putting on your arm muscles while not necessarily being able to tell you much about the metabolic stress you are delivering. That’s ok however, since the principle…even with it’s slight flaws, will still give you a method for pushing your arm growth to new heights.

To perform this crazy biceps and triceps workout, you will alternate 3 bicep exercises with 3 tricep exercises. The exercises for your arms shown here are as follows:

Barbell Curls x 3 sets
Close Grip Bench Press x 3 sets
Weighted Bicep Chin Ups x 3 sets
Weighted Upright Dips x 3 sets
Barbell Drag Curls x 3 sets
Lying Tricep Extensions x 3 sets

The goal of this workout is to move quickly, alternating between arm exercises until you complete your workout. You should aim to finish in 30 minutes or less to ensure that you are not wasting time between sets. Your movement from one muscle group to the antagonist should allow you to use the built-in rest to your advantage and keep the workout short.

The next time you complete the workout you have two choices for making it harder and ensuring progress (assuming you lift the weight with the same intensity and complete range of motion). You can either lift the same amount of reps and weight and finish the arms workout in a shorter period of time or you can end in the same amount of time but accumulate more total poundage lifted.

Whichever way you choose to intensify your workout just be sure you do. The key to arm growth and getting bigger biceps and triceps is to push past your comfort zone and do things that you wouldn’t necessarily choose to do. When you do this and combine the benefits of training like an athlete, the results you can see from your arm workouts and every other workout you do are limitless.

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