Crazy Chest Exercise - Dreaded "PEC SHREDDER" Chest Exercise

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There’s no doubt that in watching the Olympics in the last week and a half, some of the most massive chests, shoulders and arms belong to the male gymnasts! You would think that they did nothing but pushups, bench press, crossovers and every other chest exercise all day instead of actually working on their skill. But they don’t!

In this video I show you one of the biggest reasons why Olympic gymnasts are able to build bigger chests than most guys and why you can start doing the same thing by choosing the right chest exercise and making specific tweaks to the WAY you perform the exercise to really blow up those pecs and bring out even better results.

As in most of ATHLEAN-X, the time under tension principle is definitely at work in this chest exercise demo. From the moment I pick the weights up until the moment I put them down, every fiber in the chest muscles and yes…even the abs and back are on fire…you will see tension! This is a great thing when the goal is stimulating new chest muscle growth or muscle growth period.

Next, you’ll see that not only is the chest active in this chest exercise but so are the abs and virtually every other muscle group in the upper body.

Try adding this crazy chest exercise into your next chest workout, or better yet, forget trying to guess where this should go in the workout sequence on the days you’re training your pecs and instead get a step by step program for how to map this and every other exercise into one 90 day plan that will get you in the best shape of your life by training like an athlete. For more information you can head to and see for yourself why athletes everywhere aren’t just building bigger chests but getting ripped from head to toe and developing new muscle mass with ATHLEAN-X!

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