CRAZY Chest Exercise - How to Build a Ripped, Defined Chest

Build a Bigger Chest with ATHLEAN-X:

One of the most common focuses of guys in the gym is how to build a bigger chest. The problem is that most often they rely on the same old chest exercises like bench presses, flies and cable crossovers. Chest exercises like these often can’t build the chest muscles as much as what I call “3-D” chest exercise because they lack a few key components that are necessary to build the biggest, most ripped chest possible.

To start, most traditional chest exercises and chest workouts don’t stress athletic ground based chest exercises. An example of this type of exercise can be seen in this workout. You’ll notice that besides just being a standing chest exercise you’ll also see that there are multiple planes of motion being used.

This chest exercise can be put into any chest workout in place of the traditional chest cable crossover. Chest workouts again, often lack any type of three dimensional movement…and it’s costing you size on your chest.

For more crazy chest exercises and over 15 unique chest workouts you’ll want to head to and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System developed by celebrity trainer Jeff Cavaliere. In just 90 days you’ll be able to build a bigger chest and get more attention from all angles.

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