CRAZY Home Bodyweight Workout - JUDGEMENT DAY!

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Judgement Day is here and with it comes one Crazy Home Bodyweight Workout. Using exercises that require no equipment other than your bodyweight, a small space to perform the exercises, and a bit of mental toughness…you can put yourself to the ultimate home workout.

While others will claim “crazy” home exercises or workouts, only one company can deliver on their promises and that’s ATHLEAN-X!

See how clock pushups, Brock Shuffles, mule kicks and sliding planks can fire up your core, shoulders, triceps and chest in this all out upper body blitz. You can build serious strength and muscle size while at the same time burning fat with this fast paced workouts known as AthLEAN Burst training.

When you’re done with this workout, head over to and get the complete system. Get both a home and a gym version of the system with your one purchase and let celebrity trainer Jeff Cavaliere get you the same results he gets with his own pro clients.

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