Cristiano Ronaldo Workout (SHREDDED CORE AND MORE!!)

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s workout program is one of the most sought after workouts by athletes and non-athletes alike for one reason…guys want to look like him! Like him or hate him, Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the world’s best futbol players and definitely one of the most shredded and ripped athletes! As we always say here on this channel, if you want to look like an athlete then you better start training like one.

In this video I show you how Ronaldo not only gets abs but how he develops one of the most functionally strong physiques in sports. By combining direct core work with functional core workouts and fat burning conditioning, CR7 is able to get his abs to pop while supporting them with an impressively built set of legs and upper body.

This Ronaldo workout is the first step in how to get a body like Ronaldo. More specifically, it is a first step in how to get abs like ronaldo and explosive legs that make him the top athlete that he is. As you’ll see in the workout video there are three major circuits that I referenced earlier.

In this Renaldo workout routine you are going to combine:

FUNCTIONAL CORE TRAINING / DIRECT CORE WORK / CONDITIONING. The exercises in each of these categories as well as the reps are as follows:

Woodchopper Toe Kicks x 10 each leg
Deceleration Lunges x 10 each leg
Push Up Toe Touches x 10 each leg

Russian Med Ball Toss x 20 each side
Windshield Wipers x 20 each side
Kobe Crunch x 20 each way

Over and Backs x 1 minute
Toe Taps x 1 minute
Split Squat Power Jacks x 1 minute

You will perform this entire workout by doing one exercise from each group until all 9 exercises are complete. If time allows, you can go through this entire Ronaldo workout program 3-5 times.

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