CT Fletcher's Commandment #9 Of Muscle Growth - Bodybuilding.com

The MASSter, CT Fletcher himself, has arrived to deliver his 10 Commandments of Muscle Growth. Watch the videos and get ready to grow like crazy!

View CT In All His Glory: http://bbcom.me/1J72L9y

All right, all you Iron Addicts, listen the fuck up: You’ve heard me command you to grow on multiple occasions, but many of you barbell monkeys still don’t seem to get what “growth” really means. So it’s time for another lesson in ironology. I’m the ironologist, you are my pupils, and I will deliver unto you my 10 Commandments of Muscle Growth!

Now, my name ain’t CT Fletcher if I don’t bring some hair-raising intensity into this article, so you better stand the fuck up and get ready to take notes. This iron knowledge isn’t the kind of thing you want to absorb while sitting on your pizza-eating ass.

Get ready, little one: Class is in session and shit is about to get real.

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