Day 1 | Anaheim Fit Expo USPA & IPL Powerlifting Meet

Enjoy our live stream of the USPA/IPL Powerlifting Meet from the Anaheim Fit Expo all weekend, this Aug 26-27. Watch every rep rise, and every record fall, right here! Lifting begins daily at 10:05am Pacific Standard Time.
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| Flight A – Saturday |
Sandy Banos 28 Raw 56KG PL Open A
Kristen Norris 24 Raw 56KG PL Open A
Amber Abweh 22 Raw 56KG PL Open/JR A
Ashley Escobar 20 Raw 56KG PL JR A
Sarah McNaughton 24 Raw 60KG PL JR A
Caitlin Martinez 22 Raw 60KG PL Open/JR A
Malissa Salazar 20 Raw 60KG PL JR A
Justine Ganan 23 Raw 60KG DLO Open/JR A
Dyana DuCharme 29 Raw 67.5KG PL/DLO Open A
Cynthia Leu 25 Raw 67.5KG PL Open A
Alicia Neblett 36 Raw 67.5KG PL Open A
Margarita Delgado 23 Raw 67.5KG PL Open/JR A
Aubrey Yip 23 Raw 67.5KG PL JR A
Gabi Cortes 29 Raw 67.5KG PL Open A
Ayse Jones 34 Raw 75KG PL Open A
Teresa Olcomendy 55 Raw 75KG PL Master A

| Flight B – Saturday |
Chakera Holcomb 22 Raw 82.5KG PL Open/JR B
Jodie Sajor 46 Raw 82.5KG PL/BPO/DLO Open/Master B
Ana Perez 34 Raw 90KG PL Open B
Tracie Marquez 54 Raw 90KG BPO Master B
Kay Martinez 25 Raw 90KG PL Open B
Susan Salazar 41 Clraw 60KG PL Open/Master B
Meana Franco 25 Clraw 60KG PL Open B
Barbara Lee 35 Clraw 67.5KG PL Open B
Angela Bivens 37 Clraw 75KG PL/DLO Open B
Ashley Newman 26 Clraw 82.5KG PL Open B
Mark Laurel 56 Sply 75KG PL/BPO Master B
Jesse Lanuevo 28 Clraw 60KG PL/DLO Open B
Nathan Walton 41 Clraw 75KG PL Open B
Gerald Dionio 23 Raw 67.5KG PL Open/JR B
Gerald Dionio 23 Raw 67.5KG BPO/DLO JR B

| Flight C – Saturday |
Juan Salgado 23 Raw 75KG PL JR C
Tate Castro 23 Raw 75KG PL JR C
William Pham 19 Raw 75KG PL JR C
Paul Mendoza 28 Raw 75KG PL Open C
Sid Mascardo 24 Raw 75KG PL Open C
Christian Williams 18 Raw 75KG PL Open/JR C
Michael Russell Jr. 36 Raw 75KG PL Open/Submaster C
Arick Morrow 29 Raw 75KG PL Open C
Steve Mar 29 Raw 75KG PL Open C
Rick Gutman 63 Raw 75KG PL/BPO Master C
Ramon Mendez Moreno 22 Raw 75KG PL JR C
Adam Whitescarver 27 Raw 82.5KG PL Open C
Micah Storjohn 23 Raw 82.5KG PL Open/JR C
Steve Melero 35 Raw 82.5KG PL Open/Submaster C
Alan Hernandez 28 Raw 82.5KG PL Open C


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