DEADLIFTS - Best Back Exercise or Worst? FIND OUT!

Best way to build muscle –

What is the best back exercise you can do? You may answer deadlifts, but I’m going to show you in this video that while deadlifts can definitely help you to build a bigger back they may not be right for everyone…and they may not even be best looked at as a back exercise in the first place.

Be sure to watch this video and see how presetting the back in the deadlift exercise can make the difference between it being a big back mass builder and an injury waiting to happen. It has to do with the shear forces that are directed at the spine during the movement if you do this back exercise incorrectly.

On top of that, it’s extremely important to NOT make the deadlift a back exercise as much as it should be considered a leg exercise. Instead of it being a pulling exercise it should be thought of as a pushing exercise since the legs will help you to drive the barbell up off the floor, from which point the back can take over at the top.

It’s the attention to detail in exercise videos like this that not only help you to save your back from injury but also to quickly see what the best back exercise options are so that you can start seeing great results from every workout you do.

This is what the ATHLEAN-X Training System is all about. Selecting only the best back exercises and back workouts and putting them into a step by step 90 day workout plan along with every other major muscle group. You can start training smart and start seeing significant results because of it. Head over to and join “TEAM ATHLEAN” today by getting the athlean-x program.

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