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When you’re combining circuit training with strength training, it takes a little time to get used to it. Lately I have been focusing on performing my heavy 5×5 deadlifts first on my circuit days to ensure I’m maximizing my strength gains on the exercise. From there I am a bit fatigued, but can still manage to push myself hard through a total body circuit to maximize my calorie burn for the day as my goal is lean gains. What I have also noticed is that since I have been training like this, aside from staying leaner, I am more flexibly and have maintained my muscular endurance while steadily increasing my strength.

(0:19)- Who’s chicken is it REALLY?
(1:07)- Skype Consultations!

(1:56)- Check out my lighting situation
(2:53)- My cousin Kyle reppin’ the SHF!
(3:19)- Going over the workout
(3:54)- Erica’s daily photoshoot…

(4:18)- The Routine!
(4:56)- Deadlift (5 x 5)

(6:38)- Circuit 1: Total Body
• 4 rounds
• 4 exercises
• 15 reps per exercise
• Little to no rest between exercises
• 45 second MAX rest between rounds

(7:03)- Squat To Overhead Press
(7:43)- Pull-Up
(8:25)- Alternating Jumping Lunge (1 — 1 Count)
(9:24)- Laying Hamstring Curl

(10:23)- Circuit 2- ABS
• 3 rounds
• 3 exercises
• 15 reps per exercise

(10:50)- V-Up
(11:48)- Standing Oblique Crunch
(13:00)- Inversion Crunch
(14:46)- That Human Flag! I will get it eventually!

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