"ELASTIC" Legs and Core Workout - Resistance Band Workout

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Looking for a legs and core workout that can help you to build elastic strength? Then you have found the answer.

Every now and then, I open the invitation for someone to come join me in the “X” Box to train exclusively with me for a day. We get a chance to completely customize your workout, nutrition and supplementation program and then have you star in your very own AthLEAN-X workout video.

In this version of AthLEAN “LIVE” Neil Bruner (all the way from California) decided he needed to somehow build more explosive lower body, legs and core strength to help him as a pitcher. His wish was granted, as I took him through a unique legs/core workout that challenged not only his strength, but his power and balance utilizing an elastic high tension band.

Through lateral band squats, resisted lunge series, and standing core movements…we were able to have young Neil sweating with just a 4 exercise circuit.

Will you be the next to appear here? What do you want to work on?

Join me by heading to http://athleanx.com/blog and clicking on the TRAIN LIVE tab at the top of the screen. I’m looking forward to helping you personally reach your goals!

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