Elbow Pain with Tricep Exercises (SNAP OR POP!)

Stop your elbows from popping and snapping during tricep exercises by training like an athlete…


Elbow pain is extremely common for those lifting weights, and even more so for those doing triceps exercises. The reason is pretty obvious in that the triceps muscle controls elbow extension and flexion concentrically and eccentrically.

If you get a snapping or popping during triceps extensions, dips, or even bench press then you need to watch this video. I show you what is causing this anatomically and more importantly, what you can do to fix this source of elbow pain.

Workout elbow pain is the third most common joint pain felt when working out. Sometimes the elbow may pop without any real associated pain. If this is the case, you will want to continue to monitor to be sure that it doesn’t start hurting you.

Most commonly, the pain in the elbow is felt during flexion of the elbow or movement of the elbow joint through extension and flexion. The cause of this is the instability of the medial head of the triceps that tends to snap back and forth over the medial epicondyle during lifts.

On the bench press or triceps extension, when your elbow moves from a straight to a flexed or bent position, the medial head of the triceps and it’s tendon contribution roll over the bones in the elbow and quickly snap over them. This can create elbow pain during workouts or even elbow popping and discomfort long after the workout.

If you get workout elbow pain you have to pay attention to it. Left unattended, the situation can get worse and start to bother you on more than just your triceps workouts and exercises.

If you want to start fortifying your joints while building serious muscle at the same time, you’ll want to start training like an athlete. Let professional strength coach and physical therapist Jeff Cavaliere show you how with a complete workout system at http://athleanx.com called the ATHLEAN-X system.

For more videos on elbow pain and how to workout with elbow pain, be sure to subscribe to our channel at http://youtube.com/user/jdcav24

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