Evan Centopani: How An IFFB Pro Grows | The Bodybuilding.com Podcast | Ep 3

Fresh off the release of his new training program ‘Iron Intelligence,’ we spend an hour with one of the world’s top bodybuilders, IFBB Pro Evan Centopani.
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| Highlights |
Why veggies are Evan’s “fourth macro”
His favorite veggies (Hint: Not broccoli and asparagus)
Is kale the key to feeling as good as you look?
How action figures inspired Evan to take up lifting
Not your typical sand-kicked-in-the-face origin story
From pudgy to “running and starvation”
Evan’s journey from lifter to bodybuilder
Why equating pain with progress made all the difference
Keto-style prep vs high protein, low carb, low fat
Evan’s “natural weight” if he stopped lifting and eating huge
How his body handles yardwork
Why cardio is key for feeling good
Evan’s “two types of bodybuilders”
Sure, but how healthy is he?
Why living a good, clean life is underrated
Iron Intelligence: The program, who it’s for, and how to get the most out of it


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