FACT or FICTION: Inner Chest Exercises (Middle Chest Myth!)

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You have likely been told that there is no way to target the inner chest in your chest workouts. You may have even been told that the only parts of your chest you can work are the upper and lower chest. Worse, you may have been told that there is no way to target any area of the chest since it contracts all or none. Well, if you’ve been told any of these things, I’ve got good news for you (and your ability to build a bigger chest), they’re all myths!

In this video I go into depth about how it is possible to influence and develop your inner and middle chest with the right exercises and training techniques. Due to the existence of non spanning chest fibers, the ability to increase the activation of your middle chest muscle as you complete your range of motion is definitely possible.

We break down the difference between spanning and non spanning fibers and how they influence your ability to target middle pecs. Ultimately, if you can zero in on a specific muscle group you will be able to improve your ability to build it. In order to build bigger pecs and bring up your inner chest you have to know how to hit it with the right inner chest exercises.

At the end I show you three of my favorite middle chest exercises that you can include in your chest workout to dramatically increase the activation of these inner chest fibers.

All three middle chest exercises use either a single dumbbell or a band or cable and can easily be done at home or the gym. The key to building a bigger inner chest is to create overload and take your exercise through a full range of motion to ensure maximal involvement of these non spanning muscle fibers.

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