Fast 6 Pack Ab Workout (15 REPS ONLY!!)

Get a six pack fast by training like an athlete here

The ironic thing about getting 6 pack abs fast is that the fastest way to get it to happen, is to slow down the pace you do your ab exercises. In this video, I show you how changing the pace of your ab workouts can make them much harder and therefore much more quick to cause the change you’re looking for. Three ab exercises are slowed down significantly to place much more time under tension on the abdominals and obliques.

The first exercise is the hanging leg raise. Of course, to maximize the work of your six pack you have to be sure to posterior tilt your pelvis and not just lift your legs during the exercise. That said, you must slow your rep tempo down to a point where it takes you about 5 seconds up and 5 seconds down. At 5 reps per exercise that will take you about 50 seconds to complete all reps of this ab exercise.

Once you’re done you move immediately onto the next exercise in this fast ab workout without resting. That exercise is the swinging bridge. In the swinging bridge you choose a light dumbbell or plate and perform a bridge suspended between two benches. Really work on the negative during this move to work the obliques and rectus abdominus on overtime. You will of course want to do this on both the right and left sides to maintain optimal symmetry in your 6 pack abs.

Finally, you’ll wrap up this 15 rep massacre by performing slow Russian Twists. Drive your knee into your chest as you rotate your torso and contract your abs and obliques at the same time. Hold the contraction for a brief second to really intensify the strength of the exercise.

If you have the ability to perform another one or two more rounds of this ab workout, by all means, go for it. Just be sure that you are not compromising the effectiveness of the contraction and the quality of the reps in an effort to get more rounds in. The whole point of this fast ab workout is to help you get six pack abs faster by enhancing the quality of the workout from the first rep to the last.

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