Fast Five Abs Workout - "Fast and Furious 6 Pack!"

Ab workouts are always in demand on this channel, but this fast five abs workout may top them all. Get a fast and furious 6 pack using one piece of old workout equipment that can have all new uses to get great results!

The Fast Five Abs Workout is a series of just 5 exercises that you can do anywhere in under 5 minutes! Forget following tedious and boring ab workouts when you can shock your abs instead using creative exercises. AthLEAN-X is all about using creative and unique ways to get all new results.

When you’re done doing this workout (and seeing fast results) then head over to to get the complete system for developing your entire body (and not just your abs) by becoming part of TEAM ATHLEAN by getting the AthLEAN-X Training System.

It’s almost Summer! Will your abs be ready fast enough? Get them there with the Fast Five!

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