Fat-Burning Bodyweight Circuit Workout | Paige Hathaway

Social media superstar Paige Hathaway takes you through her favorite fat-burning bodyweight exercises with this circuit workout.
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Everyone knows the importance of cardio, but let’s face it: Spending much more than 30 minutes on the treadmill or elliptical can feel a little pointless, even if your podcast lineup is spot on. Paige Hathaway feels the same way, which is why she created this 30-minute full-body, no-equipment program that can help you take care of a lot of business in a short amount of time, while enjoying yourself along the way (although listening to Paige on the Bodybuilding.com Podcast is still a good idea).

“I designed this workout to make cardio fun,” says Hathaway. “You’re still going to build muscle and strength while burning the most calories in the least amount of time.”

The protocol is a bit unique. You’ll alternate two exercises for a minute, then rest 30 seconds and move to a different pairing. The only exception is the single-leg burpee (you read that right), where you’ll just alternate legs for a minute.

Take a few minutes to generally warm up, familiarize yourself with the movements, and then dive in!

| Fat-Burning Bodyweight Circuit Workout |
Perform 4 total rounds, resting 1 min. between rounds

1. Superset
a. Frog Squat: 5 reps
b. Jump Lunge: 5 reps (per leg)
2. Single-Leg Burpee: 30 sec. (per leg)
3. Superset
a. Shoot Through: 5 reps (per side)
b. Heel Tap: 5 reps (per leg)
4. Superset
a. Mountain Climbers: 5 reps (per leg)
b. Air Bike: 5 reps (per leg)
5. Superset
a. Bear Crawl: 4-5 steps (forward and backward)
b. Burpee: 1 rep (every 4-5 steps)

| Superset: Frog Squat And Jump Lunge |
The frog squat is a thigh burner of the first order. Just lock your feet in place, lock your elbows into your knees, and move your hips up and down. That’s it! Do your best to keep your spine neutral and don’t lower your head. This will warm you up right away.

As for the other half of the superset, beginners can do a simple alternating lunge. If you’re more advanced or want a challenge, Hathaway has one for you: “You’re going to do a jump lunge.” Keep these strict and powerful!

| Single-Leg Burpee |
What a difference raising one leg makes! All of a sudden, not only does your other leg have to work harder, but your core and shoulders will feel the difference as well.

Since this is a single-leg version, you’ll do 30 seconds with one leg followed by 30 more seconds with the other. If you feel one leg is weaker than the other, start with that one so you can finish strong.

Be aware of the entire body while doing this one. “When you get into that plank position, just make sure you keep your core tight and your butt isn’t too far up or too tucked under,” Hathaway advises.

If you can’t do single-leg burpees for the full minute, just try to do as many as you can before switching to doing them with both legs.

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