Fat Loss Workout for Time (DON'T TRIP!!)

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Many people turn to fat loss workouts initially just to burn some fat without having to do much weightlifting. Once they see how much they can change their bodies by exercising they up their goals and try to build muscle. The problem comes when people think that they have to choose one or the other. If you train right, you can burn fat and build muscle at the same time.

In this video, I show you the Tripwire Challenge that is a fat loss workout for time. Your objective is to see how fast you can complete the workout without incurring time penalties for hitting the rope! The setup for this workout is easy. All you need is a few cones and something you can tape or lay over the top of the cones that will break away easily if you happen to hit it.

With two cones set up thirty feet from the two center cones, simply rest something over the top that is about knee height. Begin the challenge by performing a burpee and immediately hopping to your feet and jumping over the wire. Immediately sprint to the cones thirty feet away and sprint back. Perform another burpee, however this time instead of popping up, stay low and perform an army or bear crawl (be careful not to let your butt hit the wire on the way through).

Should your feet or butt hit the wire at any time during this outdoor fat loss workout, be sure to assess yourself an additional 5 second penalty. Workouts for fat loss like this need to concentrate on getting your heart rate up fast without turning it into a pure endurance workout. You want to get the benefits of fast fat loss without compromising your muscle gains.

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