Fat Loss Workout - USED BY PRO ATHLETES!!

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One of the most effective ways to burn fat at home is with a conditioning workout that requires little to no equipment and can burn hundreds of calories…quickly! In this video, top pro athlete David Wright shows you how you can use a simple, inexpensive jump rope to put together an incredible fat loss workout you can do at home.

In order to burn fat, you have to make sure that your workouts are of high enough intensity to cause oxidation without being purely aerobic. Forget the nonsense where people tell you to work out at a low intensity to burn fat. Sure, you may burn a higher percentage of calories from fat but you won’t burn nearly as many calories as you will with higher intensity interval training. That is why, with a higher overall calorie burn doing a high intensity workout, you’ll see a larger number of overall fat loss.

That said, in this jump rope workout you can start to burn fat with just a few rounds and about 13 minutes of total training. In these few moves, you’ll work not only your conditioning and help with more fat loss but you will also get benefits in your forearms and rotator cuffs from moving the rope.

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