Feel Every Ab Exercise More (THE ABS ACTIVATOR!)

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Every ab exercise is capable of helping you to start developing six pack abs, but only if you can feel the exercise when you do it. You see, without the mind muscle connection in place, exercises that are supposed to be targeting your abs are dispersed to other muscles and joints that are anything but the abdominals. This compromises your ability to get the most out of the movements.

In this video, I show you a way to feel every abs exercise more by making sure your abs are “turned on” prior to training them. The Abs activator technique couldn’t be any more simple to explain and implement into your next ab workout. First thing you have to do is determine where your next ab workout is going to begin. Is the first ab exercise going to take place on the floor? If so, you will want to start with the upper torso lift.

This requires you to lift your back up off the floor, making sure to clear your shoulder blades entirely as you do it. From here, just hang out. See if you can stay here for up to 3 minutes. It may seem like a long period of time but it is actually not too difficult. This isometric abs exercise is enough to get your mind and muscles to dial in together and wake up even the most stubborn of ab muscles. As soon as you are done you move immediately into your first exercise in your ab workout. If you struggled to feel the exercises in your abs before, you won’t anymore.

If instead you are performing a hanging bar ab workout then you will want to do the variation shown next. This is a simple dead hang on the pullup bar you are about to do your workout on. Instead of just hanging (which by the way is an incredible activator of the abs all by itself) you are going to want to twist side to side. This will also call on the obliques to wake up as well. Go immediately from a minute or so of this to your first exercise after quickly shaking out the arms.

Finally, maybe you want to do your ab workout in a captain’s chair? If so, do the gymnast ab tuck and hold it for as long as you can. This incredible deep core movement has the ability to really tap into those deep ab muscles to prepare you for the exercises you are about to perform in the ab workout. Crank out your reps after doing this quick hold and you will feel the burn to be much more intense than ever before.

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