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At his heaviest, Chandler Camden weighed close to 270 pounds. When you love food, eating, and the way it feels to devour a pizza or three foot-long sandwiches—at least while in the moment—steady weight gain is bound to occur.
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“I wasn’t eating to get full,” Camden admits. “I was eating until I couldn’t fit anymore in.” A deceptive sense of control drove up his numbers on the scale, but that wasn’t enough to spark change—at least initially.

“There was always a 50/50 thought between ‘I don’t look that bad’ and ‘I’m disgusted with how I look,'” he says. “It was never enough to get me to decide whether to fix myself or let myself go.”

When his 13-year military career ended in 2012, Camden finally took the first step toward change. Then, after losing 70 pounds with diet alone, he needed to kick things up a notch. At that point, Chandler had been stalled at 200 pounds for more than a year.

For him, along with many people facing the battle of the bulge, the last 40 pounds were the hardest. His last-minute decision to sign up for the $200K challenge gave him the push to break through his plateau and change his life forever.


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