Fitness 360: Alex Savva, Fit Freak -

Alex Savva wasn’t born with freak genetics, but he trains, eats, and lives like a ripped freak year-round. Follow his full workout, nutrition, and supplement plan!

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Alex Savva wasn’t born ripped or gifted with freak genetics. He’s not one of those guys who looks good regardless of activity or nutrition, or an athlete who dominates games without training. Instead, his excellence is the result of unfettered determination. His physique and performance are the products of consistent, focused effort in the gym and in the real world.

Alex didn’t just prep for one day of shooting to produce the video and images used in this article. He maintains his lean physique year-round and aims to stay active as long as he lives. Heck, Alex is already planning activities to do with his son, Achilles, when he becomes a teenager—even though the little guy is still just a toddler!

Staying shredded, consistently increasing strength, and planning for the long haul are hard-fought but important traits in this industry of ups and downs. So, Alex may not be a genetic freak, but he is a fitness freak. Follow his full workout, nutrition, and supplement plan to stay fit 365 days a year!

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